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  1. photo by Anđela Vidić

    photo by Anđela Vidić

    Lucija Gregov is a cellist, improviser and sound artist whose work describes and explores new sonic landscapes. Adding to her instrumental cello practice, she ocassionally integrates analogue synthesizers and field recordings to her compositions. Her visceral approach to improvisation proposes a distinctive way of creating, co-creating, thinking and performing in and about current sonic dynamic. Following indicators of flow, experimentation, investigation of unexplored physical and spiritual spaces, Lucija's work enables emergence of practice and sound materials that are open-ended and continuously transformative.

    Through many interdisciplinary collaborations, she seeks to push the boundaries of traditional cello playing which further extend her interpretation, technique and ideas. She has been developing projects and researching in the field of classical music, electro acoustic music, noise, improvisation, experimental music, radio and sound art, as well as community art.