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    Rotterdam, NL, 2021

    Sonosphere is a weekly radio programme at Radio WORM that brings a selection of sound works which exist between ambient, field recording, experimental, improvised, classical, avant-garde, minimal music and occasional noise. The music in focus often encapsulates sonic occurrences beyond the traditional musical language.

    The programme is live on air every Friday at 1200h.

    Tune in here.

    Previous episodes are available on Mixcloud.

    Since September 2021, Sonosphere has been extended to a live events music series at WORM, Rotterdam.
    It is dedicated to avant-garde sounds. 


    FUJ|||||||||||TA + AMOSPHÈRE



    Jeremy Young + Budhaditya Chattopadhyay



    Pak Yan Lau + Farida Amadou



    Audrey Chen + Vera Vice



    Riccardo La Foresta + Able Noise



    Roodkapje, Rotterdam, 2022

    Hamburger Community of Live offers a place for young and inspiring event programmers to further endeavour, experiment and learn to organise innovative live events. It's a space that enables shaping a series of live events throughout the year, while stimulating residents to break down disciplinary segregation and to mix communities and audience groups. The residency period at the Hamburger Community of Live functions as a laboratory; a test site that offers residents the opportunity to experiment with public events through organising get-togethers, workshops, and other discursive events, but also through multidisciplinary events such as concerts, club nights, performances, festivals and dinners. Residents of the Hamburger Community of Live organise both individual and collaborative events with their fellow residents programmers, but also work closely with the artist-residents of the Art community, amounting into a wide range of events in which residents can inspire each other to look beyond familiar territories.


    30/10/2022, WORM, Rotterdam

    24/11/2022, Gaudeamus Festival, KuuB Gallery, Utrecht

    WORM’s programme for the celebration of the composer-writer Willem Pijper consists of a commissioned composition for an ensemble by a Rotterdam-based composer Christine Cornwell, and a radio piece with a printed publication by the Rotterdam art collective, ‘Fucking Good Art’. These new works reflect on the modernist ideas of Pijper, both in his music and how they played out in Rotterdam’s social and cultural life.

    Curator Lucija Gregov: “Bearing in mind that Pijper was both a writer and a musician, I wanted to invite artists who create in these two mediums and could address the collective social issues which preoccupied Pijper in his practice as a critic, writer and composer.”

    Christine Cornwell created a piece performed live by an ensemble and fixed media: “PIJP-dreams woven together are strong-ER”. “What we make surrounds us, what we are surrounded with influences us, what we surround ourselves with becomes our home and this carefully balanced environment is changing every day until it is beyond control and beyond recognition. During Pijper’s time in Rotterdam much was lost and now we, the newcomers, bring our own surroundings to swirl in the river and between towers…”

    Lucija Gregov - curator
    Christine Cornwell - composition
    Nienke Terpsma - research/podcast
    Marta Warelis - piano
    Ada Rave - saxophone
    Nina Künzel - voice
    Natalia Sorzano - scenography